As a church, despite Lockdown’s formidable challenges, the crisis also brought fresh perspective on doing church, more collaboration with local churches, more opportunities for sharing the faith. Like a veld-fire that has burned everything up – everyone can now see the small green-growth coming up in different areas of church! Although small and fragile – the growth is proof of God’s presence and brings renewed encouragement to everyone.

-We ended a 4 year baptism-draught with 8 baptisms in 6 months

-We employed a youth-worker

-We reached budget for the first time in 10 years

-New families attending the church

-We received 12 new members in one year

-We re-discovered our values -We birthed our on-line presence

-We dispensed dozens of food parcels/vouchers to the community

-We paid our mission-budget 100% –

The preacher and preaching improved

-Church services became more personal

-Small groups received a much needed injection of attention

This new vitality is not because of great leaders or programs but purely the because of the mercy of God. We own our mistakes and with its wisdom we persevere forward.

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